Are you Ready for the Digital Future?

Successfully incorporating today’s digital technologies requires companies to operate in new ways. However, many employees are not impressed with how their companies are responding to digital trends.


CCSG offers a full spectrum of services to help organizations work better. We create standards of excellence, train your people to work in more effective ways, assess how you're doing and help you perform even better in the future.

Prepare for the fifth industrial revolution.

Industry 5.0 complements the existing Industry 4.0 paradigm by highlighting research and innovation as drivers for a transition to a sustainable, human-centric and resilient European industry. It moves focus from shareholder to stakeholder value, with benefits for all concerned. 


Our management skills, knowledge, and experience are focused toward providing clients with sound advice and greater clarity across every phase of work. Our consultant have contributed to a variety of projects in the US, Canada, Morocco and the middle east. Below are a few of the partners that benefited from our expertises

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You need a new CRM? We've got you covered

Understand your business’s needs

Map the workflows and how your departments interact around the customer and with each other. What information do they need to collect? What channels do you utilise? How can you differentiate between different customer groups? ...

Define your vision and pick the right system

After collecting all the information in your previous steps, you should be in a position to define the future vision for your system: what you want it to achieve and how it will integrate with your business.

Make a plan and share it

Perhaps the most important bit of all of this is to get your organisation’s employees on board; they need to feel involved with the process, informed of the benefits to them personally, and capable of utilising the new system to its full potential.


Our consultants, trainers and coaches will accompany you from the engineering of the training until the achievement of your objectives in the development of your human capital.

Personal dev seminars

Highly rated nationwide trainings for you and your team

Training service

We help our clients improve employee skills, performance and productivity in the workplace

Psychometric Tests

Profiling Services in partnership with the Canadian Nova Profiling

Certifying trainings

Training of trainers and Training Manager Coach. NOVA profile & ACTP Accredited Coaching

Anonymous surveys

Our 360 survey provides you the most accurate responses

Professional Coaching

Develop the Leaders You Need Now and in the Future with Our Executive Coaching Programs.


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Founded in Montreal in 2014, with the initial mission of supporting Canadian companies, our firm today brings together more than fifty senior consultants, all passionate about the development of businesses and their human capital around the world.

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